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[series]: Angel Sanctuary
[character]: Bombshell Organic Angel Alexiel
[character history / background]: "The Organic Angel Alexiel is the older of the two twin angels. She was loved by the angel Uriel and the demon Lucifer, though she claims the one she loves most is God. In truth, the one she loved most was actually her twin brother, Rosiel; though not in the incestuous way that Sara and Setsuna love each other. She was one of the two highest angels in Heaven and has 3 wings.

Born from Adam Kadmon to love God, Alexiel rebels against him because of the love she has for Rosiel. She is forced to conceal her feelings under the threat that Rosiel would be killed the moment God heard any declarations of love from Alexiel to her brother. She is also sentenced to be confined in Briah, the Angel's Garden (Eden), and forced to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life. This act is damning her, because the tree is grown from part of Adam Kadmon's body - she is technically eating the flesh of her parent. It is also in Eden where Alexiel and Lucifer first meet. After God had revealed his fate to Lucifer, that he would be the purest form of evil in the world to make God himself appear greater, Lucifer wanted to take revenge by corrupting and killing God's "beloved" daughter. After speaking with her, he changes his mind and promises to break her out of Eden, which he later does. This, however leads to the erasing of his memories and imprisonment of his soul into Nanatsusaya, which Alexiel later finds and fights with.

When she seals Rosiel away, she is imprisoned and tried by the High Council for her actions. After lying that the one she loved most was God, Uriel sentences her body to be imprisoned in the angel crystal while her soul is endlessly reincarnated into a human without end; each of her lives are to be miserable and end in a painful death. Setsuna is the current incaration of Alexiel, and has awakend as the savior, so he has access to all of Alexiel's powers. Throughout the series, there are a few times when Alexiel reawakens. When Setsuna falls into the river Lethe in hell, and at the end when Rosiel awakens as the angel of the apocalypse. The first time, she reveals Lucifer's identity to him, and the second time, she confesses her love to Rosiel, kills him, and absorbs his decaying body into her womb. There, her organic powers will constantly regenerate him, forever. She is the first of the creator's attempts to split the powers of the Seraphita."

(Taken from her Wiki.)

[character abilities]: Alexiel, like Rosiel, is the owner of a ridiculous level of power. Like her twin, she can destroy a wide area (ahem a city) without exerting herself and kill just about everyone in said area (though that kind of goes without saying, doesn't it?). She can also sense the presence of other angels (and demons) as well as Rosiel - no matter how they try to hide their auras.

Being one of the original most powerful angels does have its perks.

However, as can be expected, she is not stronger than god and - as seen when Uriel helped pass (and implement) a verdict on her - she can be overpowered - which is what led to her imprisonment in human bodies (and the cycle of living relatively short, miserable lives that end in a horrible death).

Lastly, because of her connection to Rosiel, she is the only angel that can kill him (safely), reabsorb him into her body and regenerate him through the use of her womb.

Why, yes, AS is twisted.

[character personality]: Alexiel is, above all, a hardened soldier - at least, that is what she wishes for everyone to believe. When she was first created, god warned her against having any softer emotions for her twin, Rosiel. In fact, he even went so far as to threaten her against feeling anything except hate for Rosiel. If she should defy him, he would kill Rosiel. Thus, as one can imagine, she is intent on hiding her true feelings for Rosiel. The few times she has encountered her twin face to face, she has acted detached and emotionless for his own safety. (Though her feelings for Rosiel should not be confused as the same incestuous feelings that Setsuna has for Sara.)

After meeting Lucifer in Briah (Eden), Alexiel decided to ally herself with him. He was really the first being who has appealed to her on an emotional level. Even though she didn't understand that right off the bat, she followed him on instinct. Over the many lifetimes Alexiel suffered through, she found comfort only in Lucifer - until she was reborn as Setsuna, that is.

Lucifer was someone she forgot existed at the beginning of each lifetime, but once she realized his true entity - and hers - her time of death was hastened. Despite that, however, Alexiel showed a much softer side to her steadfast friend, lover and ally. She does love him, but, as always, she knows that her love will only cause him pain. (Which might be why she is so reluctant to wake inside of Setsuna. The boy's relationship with Kira (Lucifer's current reincarnation) is precious and quite different from the relationships she shared with Lucifer before.) Therefore, more than loving him, she treasures him and, while he seems happy with Setsuna as he is, she has no desire to interfere with their bond.

Though, as usual, she acted detached and wary more often than not when in Lucifer's presence. While he may understand her better than most, there are secrets she wants to keep from him - and everyone else. Her heart will always be taken by Rosiel and she knows that if she opens up too much to Lucifer (or any other male, truly), she will only end up causing them pain (or causing herself more pain - as seen with Uriel).

Thus Alexiel is a tormented woman who suffers from an almost chaotic amount of emotions. When she loves, she hurts; when she tries to protect those she loves, she either fails or causes them to feel just as pained and bitter as she does. For many lifetimes, she has had no rest; no peace. Yet she, a part of her at least, doesn't believe that she deserves rest until she fulfills the promise she made to Rosiel when he approached her for the first time (i.e. killing him when he loses/has lost his sanity). So she will keep her head down, trudge through each lifetime and wait for the moment when Setsuna makes his way to Heaven. Then...

Who knows? She might finally possess everything she has ever wanted and she might, finally, be able to thank those who stood beside her for so long properly. Most of all, however, she wishes to stop running away from the one she loves most. She wants to reveal her feelings to him because, whilst living in Setsuna, she has learned that running away from her problems will do her no good.

Therefore, in summation, Alexiel is someone who hides her true emotions - though she wants to start revealing them (in order to overcome the fear god placed in her heart), but it won't be easy (especially for someone who has spent millennia ignoring her heart). Yet, even while feigning detachment, Alexiel is not the sort to back down from a challenge. She is incredibly brave and passionate about her beliefs and, in battle, she is a driven leader who can guide others into standing up for themselves.

On a more intimate level, Alexiel can be just as passionate and driven as she is on the battlefield - her relationship with Lucifer is evidence of that. Yet she can also be extraordinarily sweet and forgiving - as seen with Uriel and Rosiel. She accepts responsibility for the position she is in - after all, she was the one that decided to defy god - and, because she can be so logical about her emotions (and her fate), she has the ability to forgive others for their past mistakes. The only one she feels any outright hatred for is god. And he is the one that will pay in the end, so that everyone can, finally, find their happiness.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: This is complicated. I have given you all of the pertinent information available on Alexiel's part in the manga. I would like to take her from Setsuna's life-time, however I know that could be...confusing - considering her soul is inside of him.

However, if I take her from before Setsuna's life-time (and maybe before she is cursed to be trapped in human forms), it would be less confusing.

The chapter I want to take her from is chapter 118 when she returns to her body, briefly, to converse with a decaying Rosiel. (More specifically, right before she reabsorbs him.) If that's not acceptable, please let me know?

[journal post]: ( A bright, blinding light fills the sky. After a moment, the outline of three big wings can be seen against the horizon before the owner of said wings...falls. She hits the ground, leaving an obvious dent in the pavement. )

Returned...? ( Her voice is remarkably unfazed. ) dead? ( That must be the case. Otherwise, why would she ) The cycle has been broken. I am myself again.

He must have succeeded. ( She sits up and looks at the sky, her expression conflicted. ) I can't recall what became of him or what became of Heaven. Even Rosiel's fate is unknown to me.

( Brushing off the rubble, she stands up and extends her wings to their full extent. )

Earth, I am the Organic Angel Alexiel and I require information. Tell me everything you know about Heaven's current predicament. Tell me of the war and what you have seen.

( Her gaze falls on the recording device and she picks it up, blowing the dust off of the screen. )

Do not fear me. I have no desire to harm you. But I must know. ( She closes her eyes tightly, fighting back a grimace. ) Please.

[third person / log sample]: The fruit always left a sour taste in her mouth. She wanted to wretch with each bite, but that was...forbidden. In Briah - otherwise known as Angelic Eden - there were a few laws that she must abide by. Alexiel had no desire to break any of them.

Yet it wasn't easy. Especially after she met Lucifel.

"What a strange man." she murmured to herself, washing her face and hands in a clear stream, "He intended to kill me, but he..."

Couldn't? Wouldn't? Failed? Alexiel wasn't sure which word applied. Yet, regardless of his intentions, he was an interesting subject. For the first time, she felt herself looking forward to someone visiting her.

No, not someone. Him. She tilted her head and examined her image in the water.

"Why would he return?" she pursed her lips and stood up, clothed in nothing but the curtain of her own dark curls, "I have nothing to offer."

To another, the empty truth of her words might be upsetting. However, Alexiel was not someone to be swayed by weaker emotions - or any emotions at all for that matter. After she uttered those words, she stood, motionless, nothing but mild curiosity on her face.

"You must eat the fruit."

The voice belonged to the one who had created her...and Rosiel. Tipping her head back, she closed her eyes in acquiescence and walked back towards the Tree of Life. Reaching up, she plucked some fruit free from the branches and did her best to ignore their shape.


Each meal was something she disliked, yet this was her duty. He had said so. That was all she needed to know.

And yet...


She couldn't help but think about Lucifel again as she took another bite. What was he doing right now? Was he planning on returning?

Would he kill her this time? Alexiel felt no fear or pain when she considered that outcome. Instead, she sat down on a rock and chewed on the fruit thoughtfully.


The time for innocence had come to an end. Alexiel found herself shackled and surrounded by the Angelic Court. Familiar faces looked down upon her - judging her and condemning her. There was no fairness here; no chance for her to defend herself. Most of them had already made up their mind based on god's judgement.

I do not feel regret.

She flexed her calloused fingers, feeling her wrists scrape against the metal shackles as she did so. Without an ounce of fear or guilt, she raised her gaze and gave one Angel in particular a dark, somewhat ironic smirk. He looked away, telling her far more than he realized.


Truly, it wasn't a question. She was tired of god's reign and she was tired of what he did to his creations.

We aren't toys and neither are we experimentations! They will see what I see soon enough. Their suffering is apparent for anyone with eyes to see! Even now, I am far less shackled than they are.

Yet she was still shackled like them - but for different reasons - and if she spoke the truth, she would reveal - and bring about - her greatest fear. Therefore she was determined to hold her tongue. Whatever punishment befell her would be accepted without complaint.

Lifting her chin obstinately, she met the gaze of her fellow Angels.

I am not afraid.

Rosiel was worth her silence; he was worth any sacrifice. Tightening her fingers around the chains of her shackles, Alexiel inhaled deeply and willed herself to look - at least outwardly - emotionless and unmoved. She would not give them the joy of seeing her nervous.


The broken, decaying body of her twin was sprawled before her. Alexiel could no longer hide the ache in her heart as she longed to embrace him. Throwing her arms around Rosiel, she tried to put her thoughts into words. If he heard the truth, if he felt her true emotions for the first time, maybe that would calm him.

He has needed me for so long. I was selfish.

He, above all others, deserved an apology. Because of her fear of god, he had lost his way and his sanity. There was only so much pain that one soul could endure: that was a lesson she knew all too well.

Blinking back stinging tears, Alexiel stroked over his hair and held him tightly against her body. His one question had caused her heart to throb with a pain so great that she knew what she wanted to do for him. For them.

" me?"

Yes! I have always loved you more than anyone! I want you to stay with me. We've been separated long enough.

With her mind made up and her thoughts focused, Alexiel began the process of reabsorbing her twin. She felt no hesitation in him and that was good. He wanted this too. For the moment, he was the brother she remembered from so long ago - the one she had loved so dearly.

"I will keep you safe." she whispered, rubbing a hand over her womb, "I mean it."

Closing her eyes contentedly, Alexiel allowed herself to feel...happiness. It was utterly new and...


Thank you, Setsuna.